1998-2002 Firebird and trans am 12 Disc Changer Install

How to install a 12 Disc Changer into a 2000-2002 Firebird/Camaro if your car didn't come with one from the factory.

Truth is all of your cars in the 2000-2002 model years came with wiring to put in a 12 disc changer however there is no way to mount it as the cars who didn't get one from the factory don't have the mounts to do this. I came up with a plan and solution to mount one safely and securely! I love using this bit of nostalgia!

I bought a 12 disc CD changer, the one that you could get stock with the 98-02 Birds and Camaros. I don't have the stock mounts that would have come with cars who had this changer from the factory Someone gave me the idea to use a piece of MDF board to keep it in place and boy did it work. SO....this thread is a step by step guide of what I did so if anyone else down the road decides to do the same thing they can reference it off of me. Also.....the pics were taken on my blackberry so they arent the best quality but you get the idea.


I started with a circular saw and a drill. I used this saw to cut the MDF board I bought at Home depot for 5 bucks.

The next thing I did was cut the board with the saw. Now I measured everything out. The thickness of the MDF board I bought was 3/4 of an inch. I also cut the piece of board which measures 13 inches by 6 and 1/4 inches.


Next I lifted up the two pieces of overlapping ebony carpeting and inserted the board. It actually fit like a glove!


I then took the carpeting and overlapped it over:

I did sand the side of the board that I had cut. I had to vacumn out some wood pieces but once I did that you cant even tell the thing is there.

I then took off the left piece of plastic which has my left speaker, the pre-wiring for the changer etc. I pre-drilled and measured out the holes id need and I actually used screws to screw it down to the board through the carpet so you cant see the wood.

So it was really tricky to get the left side screwed down but I snuck in with a mini screwdriver and after cramping the hell out of my wrist i managed to screw the left side down as well as the right.


Then I pulled off the left plastic panel and took out the wire and connector. It's wrapped in a foam wrapping.

Last but not least the functions of this thing are easy and it works well with the stock CD player. This unit came stock if you had the Cassette deck back in the day but it's easy to use with the stock CD player and you can use the front CD player along with it. On the upper right side of the head unit there is a button called CD/PLAY Press that to access the changer, press it again to listen to the CD inside of the head unit.

Also the "4" button is used to shuffle from CD to CD in the changer or hit the "Preset" button on your steering wheel to switch Cds in the changer. The "Play" button on the steering wheel flips from CD Head Unit to 12 Disc changer. See below:

Now im rocking out with a 12 disc cd changer plus have access to the head unit cd player whenever I want and I may not be shattering glass or getting tickets for noise pollution but I still kept my car stock. I drove it around for a bit and the changer doesnt skip or move.

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