NCPC Blog 2-18-2015 - 5 good reasons YOU should Join POCI

Hey everyone,

Well it's that time of year again! We start planning for the car show season and what shows we will attend. I want to say that last month marked my first anniversary of being a POCI member. I have to say that getting to know some of the people in this organization and getting to know the people in the NCPC has been one of the best things to happen to me in the last 3 years. I am going to sit here right now and give all of you Pontiac owners a few reasons as to WHY you should join POCI and join our chapter.

1. The Magazine is amazing and it's the only "All Pontiac Magazine" in existence


Let's face it, Smoke Signals is now the only all Pontiac Publication available. If you have never picked up a copy of this magazine you are totally missing out. This magazine is not only filled with great articles about Pontiacs of all years and models but you get some great editorials, DIY tips, Tech advisors, classified ads and some killer articles! This magazine has it all!

This magazine covers Oakland, Pontiac and GMC models from the 20s until the present. All years get represented in this magazine at some point.

You can also check out many classified ads if you are looking for parts, a project or a complete car!

Many of the articles contained in our magazine are about Pontiac concepts that "could" have been or about a member's ride.

There is also a list of tech advisors for all years and models contained in this issue. These people are a great help if you are looking to ask questions about a specific vehicle, build, what to look for, parts etc.

The articles in this magazine are second to none and if you are a Pontiac lover the magazine is just flat out amazing and the first reason you should join our club.


2. The People

I kept this one pretty simple right? The people in this club are nothing short of awesome! I'm 37 and grew up around the car hobby, the car business and around GM vehicles. This is one of the most down to earth groups of people I have ever dealt with. They really do care about each and every member and really care about preserving the tradition of the Pontiac brand. They also take members' concerns and questions seriously and have even made changes based on member imput. All in all one of the best and most down to earth groups of people you will ever meet.


3. The Tech Advisors

How essential are these people? Well I will tell you this I never realized how helpful they can be until I became one. I have recieved many phone calls and quite a few emails. WOW I have helped a lot of people either buy a car, or help them put one together whether they wanted it stock or modified. It doesn't matter because let me say that it's been great being a tech advisor for the club and it's great to be able to help people.....many of the other advisors feel the same.


4. The Sponsored Events

Ever been to a great convention with great people? If you haven't our club puts out an amazing convention every year not to mention how awesome the shows are that our chapter puts on! If you haven't been to one and can't go. Smoke Signals covers the convention for 3 months in the magazine so it's almost like you WERE there!


5. The positive changes we are making

POCI is really changing and updating everything. From our membership increase, to accepting all makes and models. The old guard in our hobby seem more accepting of the newer cars. I can only say this by experience but many of the people looking for a Firebird like mine, are from the "old school" days.

Get up and join POCI NOW!


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