NCPC Blog 2-18-2015 - by NCPC President Mark tilson

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season and found lots of goodies underneath their holiday tree. As usual the festivities have come to an end and went by way to quickly. I myself was able to take a little time off from work to relax and enjoy friends and family.

Hopefully by now everyone has received their holiday gift from the club and hope you all enjoy it. This was a joint effort between Tony Webster & Vic Lerz. I personally love the calender and want to thank both Tony & Vic for all their efforts in getting this done on such short notice. If your car was not pictured in the calender, that means Tony was unable to photograph it and or locate it at any of our functions. Please dont despair as we would love to showcase it in next years edition. Just make sure you bring it out of hibernation as Tony is always shooting off his camera.

Congratulations go out to Kevin Haines for winning the election and will officially become our new treasurer. I would also like to give a big thank you to Jack Pinchot for hosting our annual holiday party at Simons. In my absense Jack took over the honors of presenting awards and for that i am very appreciative. Speaking of awards , Congratulations to our " Member of the Year " Ralph Ganley. His hard work and dedication to our club does not go unnoticed. Thank you Ralph !!!!

A little good news to share about POCI. Things are looking great for our future. Last month you all received a beautiful full color brochure in the mail from POCI that was done by Don Keefe. In december alone this mailer intended to be a new member initiative drive produced over 600 new members and renewals. Lets keep the ball rolling on the local level and talk it up to anyone you know or see driving a pontiac. If you are not currently a POCI member please rethink your position. You are missing out on a first class monthly magazine known to be the last one available that is strictly dedicated to the Pontiac nameplate. It will be the best $ 39.00 you will ever spend.

2015 will be a very busy year for us hosting both the BOP & All Pontiac shows. We need lots of volunteers and help !!!!
Please let us know where you would like to pitch in.

Looking forward to a great year full of fun car shows and activities.

See you all at our next meeting.

Mark Tilson
" The Pontiyacker "


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