NCPC Blog 8-1-2014 - By Tony Webster

Hey Everyone!

Coming off our All Pontiac show I ecstatic about all of the great people I was able to meet. As club secratary and webmaster I am turning my attention towards promoting POCI and the North Coast Pontiac Chapter via the internet! This weekend we have the Pontiac Nationals at Norwalk Raceway Park. Several of our members will be attending this sadly I will not as I have work obligations this weekend. We do have Drag Day coming up and there is another all Pontiac show down in Akron sponsored by the Greater Ohio GTO Club! Check out our events section.

We have a lot of amazing pictures taken at out All Pontiac and Orphan Car show this past weekend. Josh Kucia took quite a few great shots which you can check out by going to:

The rest can be found by going here:

The goal and mission now is to really take our online presence to the next level. I am pretty confident that as a chapter and a club POCI will be making a lot of strides this year. Look for more picture galleries, more blogs and a lot of other great stuff to come down the pipe. I also urge any Pontiac fan that if you have a passion for the Pontiac brand, own one or you are a car crazy nut that loves everything and anything Pontiac, please join POCI! Smoke Signals is an amazing magazine and this is an amazing club! Go here:

Smoke Signals is a great car magazine, you can also network with many other people out there. There are also quite a few tech advisors for pretty much every year Pontiac out there (I am not a tech advisor for 1993-2002 Firebirds), awesome articles and pictures, plus lots of great classifieds for parts, fully restored cars and much more. POCI has a lot to offer to the Pontiac enthusiast!

Finally just wanted to put it out there that this blog is for everyone. Anyone who wants to write a Pontiac related article by all means email me Thanks!



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